What is the GOTS label?

Our double gauze cotton used for the production of the Furoma is GOTS certified. But what does this norm represents?

GOTS or Global Organic Textile Standard is a global certification that guaranties the organic character of the cotton, from the field through the responsible confection on a social and environmental point of view, until the labeling.

Control is carried out by independents throughout all the textile supply chain.

Main guaranties of the label GOTS:

  • Cotton grown without GMOs or chemicals and toxic products
  • Use of at least 70% certified organic fiber
  • Reasonable and controlled water management for field irrigation
  • Respect for social working conditions based on the principles of the International Labor Organization and the UN: no forced labor, no child labor, sufficient wages, decent working hours …

Below is a video made by the organization that explains very clearly the important points of the certification.

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