Ideal Christmas gift for future parents

At one month of Christmas Eve, the gift tour has begun.

You know a couple of future parents and you wonder what to buy them for Christmas?

We have the perfect gift for you: the Furoma. At the same time minimalist, eco-friendly and practical, the Furoma has everything to please.

furoshiki furoma gift wrap christmas lila's essentials

The Furoma is the first sustainable and multi-functional accessory that accompanies a parent and his child throughout their day, 24/7. In GOTS certified organic cotton and dyed naturally, the Furoma is handcrafted in a workshop in northern France. It replaces a dozen products in a perspective of minimalist and responsible consumption. He becomes in turn swaddling blanket, changing mat, furoshiki handbag, blanket for bed or stroller, shoulder bib among others.

Parents can wait for the arrival of their newborn or use the Furoma as a Japanese furoshiki bag, a small blanket…

And why not make two gifts in one using the Furoma as a gift wrap – and avoid disposable paper wrappings – thus offering another thought to the couple hidden inside?

Furoshiki wrapping Furoma Cherry Blossom

You can buy the Furoma on our website or in these two Parisian pop-up shops.

Furoma Original 120x120cm coton bio gots
Original Furoma

Furoma Cherry Blossom 120x120 coton gots
Cherry Blossom “Sakura” Furoma

Furoma Sunshine 120x120 cotton gots
Sunshine Furoma
Furoma Denim 120x120 coton gots
Denim Furoma
Furoma Nude 120x120 coton gots
Nude Furoma
Pochon Furoma
Furoma + Pouch

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