A trip to Japan that spawned a real passion to this country and its culture…
A deep conviction that a responsible consumption is essential
A minimalis approach
A growing interest in waste free
An aspiration for natural materials and vegetable dye
A special affection for accessories, decoration and baby products
A mother who designed and created children’s rooms
… that’s how Lila’s Essentials was born: a story of travels, discoveries, beliefs and passions together



Word from the creator – Maria Vincenti
My idea is to create a minimalist birth layette that contains the essentials a mom and her baby need in their daily lives.



Why the dragonfly?


In Japan, dragonflies represent luck.
Nowadays named tombo, dragonflies were called Akitsu in ancient japanese. The story goes that Jimmu, the first emperor, reportedly said while looking at his island from the top of a small mountain “My island has the shape of two paired dragonflies; hence the name given to the country “Island of Dragonflies” or “Akitsushima”.

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