We attach particular importance to working with quality raw materials and with suppliers who share our attention to detail.

For a whole year we have been looking for the best raw materials, from fabric to embroidery thread and the partners and suppliers most in line with our values to offer you only the best.

Raw Materials:

Furoma in certified GOTS double gauze cotton.

The cultivation of cotton spinning and meshing steps are made in Tamil Nadu in India. We guarantee fabrics without any chemicals used throughout the production process. Double gauze cotton is a light, soft and airy fabric, ideal for babies’ skin. It is naturally washed and bleached with sea salt, wood ash and soap nuts.

Pouch in recycled cotton spun and woven in India.


> GOTS* certified fabric supplier.

> Each Furoma is handcrafted in a workshop in Northern France labelled “Living Heritage Enterprise” and certified “France Terre Textile” and “North Terre Textile”.

> Embroidery of the dragonfly in a workshop also approved “France Terre Textile” and “Nord Terre Textile”.

> Personalized embroidery of the first name by a Parisian embroiderer in her studio.

> Our cards are printed by Imprim’vert certified workshops.

> Packaging supplier committed to the environment and offering eco-friendly options.

*Global certification that guarantees the organic character of textiles from harvesting raw materials, through socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing, to labeling.