Original Lovey in organic cotton & Wooden teething ring

Must-have 2-in-1 birth accessory

This lovey-teething ring is the perfect accessory to relieve your baby’s teething, who will nibble on the wooden rattle while snuggling up against his cuddly blanket

100% organic GOTS certified cotton
Natural dyeing
European beech wood PEFC and FSC, CE compliant
Ring: 70 mm
Lovey: between 18 x 18 cm and 20 x 20 cm
Color: White Original
Made in Paris


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Soothe the pain of the first teething

The growth of the first teeth is painful. This wooden teether helps relieve the gums when baby is teething.
It can also be used as a rattle for early development and motor skills


The very soft removable blanket for cuddling makes your baby smile and reassures him. He will be the companion of the first years of his life.
Designed to last and as a multi-purpose product, the lovey can be used as a shoulder bib, washcloth or even a small napkin.

The comforter was made by the founder from a stock of Furoma in an upcycling vision. Each blanket is therefore unique and the size varies slightly.


Uses of the lovey:
– lovey/blanket
– shoulder bib
– washcloth
– small napkin


Uses of the wooden ring:
– teething ring
– rattle for awakening and motor skills

Additional information

Weight 31 g

100% GOTS certified organic cotton
Labels: 100% recycled cotton
Natural Dyeing (vegetable)
Cotton origins: India (spinning, weaving, dyeing)
Organic cotton sewing threads originating from Egypt and spun in the Netherlands, GOTS certified.

Dimensions: between 18 x 18 cm and 20 x 20 cm (handmade by the founder, each blanket is therefore unique)
Handcrafted in Paris

European beech wood PEFC and FSC, CE compliant according to the norm EN 71-1, EN 71-3.
Ring tested CE compliant from birth for teething ring.
Made in Europe


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