Original Furoma

First multi-functional accessory of the 24 hours of the baby’s life

100% GOTS organic cotton
120 x 120 cm

Extra: pouch in recycled cotton to pack your Furoma nicely

Customization: we offer you the possibility to have the name of the baby embroidered under the dragonfly to personalize the Furoma.


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Inspired by the Japanese Furoshiki, Furoma was born. We chose to create a unique product for multipurpose use.

Furoma: the first sustainable and multi-functional accessory that accompanies a parent and his child throughout their day, 24/7.

Furoma is a nomadic product for evolutionary use during the day. It is a 24-hour product, from sunrise to sunset that adapts to the parent.


How tio use the Furoma

It complies to your choices of use.


Furoma simplifies the lives of parents in shared values.

Thanks to its softness, the Furoma comes to put a soothing veil, to envelop the first weeks of life of the woman who became a mother.


Introduction of theFuroma and of Lila’s Essentials in video:


The Furoma is an “engaged” accessory because it shares the values of Lila’s Essentials (respect, humility, responsibility, Japanese culture, slow fashion).
In true multi-purpose product, it aims to fight against overconsumption and promote minimalism.


The Furoma is an accessory that lasts in time thanks to its exceptional quality.
Sustainable also in the “ethical” sense (quality of raw materials, respect of working conditions throughout the whole production chain, made in France).


Organic Fabrics :
Organic cotton cultivation, spinning and meshing steps are made in Tamil Nadu in India. We guarantee fabrics without any chemicals used throughout the production process.
Double gauze cotton is a light, soft and airy fabric, ideal for babies’ skin. It is naturally washed and bleached with sea salt, wood ash and soap nuts.


Natural Dyeing:
Furoma is dyed vegetally in India. Natural dye is a herbal and flower dye. 


A beautiful dragonfly is embroidered onto the Furoma. It represents luck and is a symbol of Lila’s Essentials.


The Furoma is the unique and ideal birth gift. We propose you to offer it wrapped in a nice pouch in untinted recycled cotton spun and woven in India and is crafted in the same workshop in northern France. This pouch can be used as a bag of shoes, underwear, accessories …


The Furoma is carefully wrapped and tied with fine linen twine and beautifully placed in a 100% recyclable.

We do our best in an environmental and societal approach but also for you, to make you pay the right price. In order to protect the box from shocks during the expedition, we made the conscious choice to depart from our commitment to use natural products and opted for a recycled plastic pouch.

We are sure you will find a second life for that box at home!


And after?
To respect the importance we attach to zero waste, the Furoma will be given a second life by turning into a kitchen towel, blanket for the sofa, furoshiki (wrapping or bag) or any other use you can imagine.

Additional information

Weight 260 g
Customized embroidery

no, yes (+10€)

Furoma: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
Labels: 100% recycled cotton
Natural Dyeing (vegetable)
Cotton origins: India (spinning, weaving, dyeing)

Organic cotton sewing threads originating from Egypt and spun in the Netherlands, GOTS certified.

Dimensions: 120 x 120 cm

Handcrafted in France