All about swaddling babies

Swaddling is a technique that consists in wrapping your newborn baby with a very light fabric.

What is swaddling for?

The purpose of swaddling is to secure and calm the infant.

Illustration swaddling baby lila's essentials

What are the positive effects of swaddling?

  • Better quality of sleep: swaddling could help your infant fall asleep more easily and sleep better, especially babies who have reflux
  • Avoids waking up by Moro’s reflex (sudden movement of the arms) and limits sleep flares
  • Gives the feeling of being contained, reminding the infant of life in the womb. It reassures and secures him
  • Reduced colic and crying thanks to the enveloping warmth that swaddling gives him on his belly

What are the negative points of swaddling?

  • Risk of hyperthermia: if it is hot, dress your baby lightly
  • Risk that swaddling loosens: it is recommended to practice swaddling during the day only when the baby is supervised
  • Could increase the risk of hip dysplasia: do not practice if your baby suffers from it!

How to swaddle your baby?

Here is a video of the sweet Tania and her adorable Indy which shows you how to swaddle well with the Furoma

And a step-by-step illustration done by the talented Alexandra for Lila’s Essentials

swaddling illustrations steps lila's essentials furoma

Tips et precautions:

  • Swaddle your baby only to sleep, the rest of the time he must be able to move his body in order to develop his motor skills
  • Place your baby on his back when he is swaddled
  • If in doubt, ask your doctor for advice
  • Adapt your baby’s clothes to room temperature

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